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Ozora Cave & Sinkhole Cleanup: February 3, 2018

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Join Stream Team 5628 Saturday, February 3, 2018 at 9:00 am in cleaning underground water ways! There is a pit cave and a sink hole in Sainte Genevieve county needing assistance.  There is a large mass of trash in the pit and trash throughout the cave. Vertically trained cavers will do the bulk of the in-cave trash collecting; volunteers are needed on the surface to move trash to a dumpster and assist with the sinkhole cleanout. Anyone experienced in (Single Rope Technique) SRT climbing can potentially assist in the cave.    No experience is needed in...

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Brews For Browns: September 20th @ Hammerstone’s

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We are excited to announce a very special event on Wednesday, September 20th at Hammerstone’s in historic Soulard. Our goal is to raise funds for the Meramec River telemetry study.   Gateway TU has recently teamed up with MDC to track brown trout on the Meramec River. The ultimate goal of this telemetry study is to improve brown trout survival and increase the number of older, larger brown trout in the upper Meramec. There are currently fish swimming the river with transmitters giving biologists important data that will help them better understand the trout habit. Where do they go...

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Missouri Stream Team Ambassador’s Award

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Missouri Stream Team 4913 (Gateway Trout Unlimited) Wins Missouri Stream Team Ambassador’s Award Gateway Trout Unlimited (GTU) Stream Team (ST) 4913 won a prestigious Missouri Stream Team Program 2016 Ambassador’s Award for their contributions toward a Cooperative Stream Investigation (CSI) Project of Hamilton Creek in West St. Louis County. Earl Barge, Michael Hey, and John Palmer received the award on behalf of GTU ST 4913. CSI Projects for citizen volunteers were added to the Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring (VWQM) component of the Missouri Stream Team Program in 2005. Volunteers who...

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VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY: National Wild Turkey Federation

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Gateway Trout Unlimited is looking for 2 volunteers to help at National Wild Turkey Federation Jakes Youth Event in Franklin County Missouri. The event is one of the larger youth event in the county for the NWTF with over 100 kids attending. They are looking for help with teaching kids casting with fly rods and tying flies. All rods and tying material are provided just need your time. Board member Dan Forget volunteered last year and had a blast. They do a great job of keeping the kids organized. About 8 to 10 kids will be in each group for 10-15 minutes before the next group. I have...

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Current River Damage By The Flood Of April 30, 2017

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Presented by Sam Potter TightLine Fly Fishing Montauk Park is a sand box… well almost a sand box. They have done a great job of cleaning up the upper area where you come down the hill and around the dam. The camp ground is closed for maintenance while they get all the sand, trees and logs out of there. The lodge is open and the cabins are being rented. A lot of the trout were lost, but not all of them as reported on FB earlier this week. The carnivorous animals in the area will put on weight in the next week or so feeding on dead trout. You will find considerable changes to the stream and...

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