A Conservation Call To Action – Senate Joint Resolution 42

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This is the beginning of an effort by the legislature this session to challenge the authority of MDC, with several other pieces of legislation expected to be presented that will serve to undermine the authority of MDC. We will need to act early and vocally regarding these issues as they arise.The email below was received by one of our state’s champion conservationists, Dave Murphy with the Conservation Federation of Missouri, and it illustrates the importance of voicing your comments on this piece of legislation that will be heard on February 4th at 1pm.
I must have your help with Senate Joint Resolution 42. This legislation sponsored by Senator Eric Schmitt (R) Kirkwood, would undermine the authortity of MDC to set wildlife regulations. 
Maybe at a first glance it appears inconsequential…but this would give the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules CONSTITUTIONAL authority….superceding that of MDC, which we gave them in the first place expressly to keep politics out of regulations. The sponsor (and sponsors of parallel bills in the house) have refused to work with us to take conservation out of the bill…appears to me that authority of MDC is really what this is all about.
The hearing happens TOMORROW….no matter what in terms of weather!!! in the Senate Lounge at the Capitol at 1 pm in the Senate Rules, Joint Rules, Resolutions and Ethics committee……..chair Richard (Joplin), Vicechair Dempsey (St. Charles), members: Lager (Maryville), LeVota (Independence), Libla (Poplar Bluff), Nieves (Washington) and Walsh (St. Louis 63137).
Mobilize your folks immediately in the districts of the committee members and have them express their opposition to this proposal. If it makes it through both chambers, it goes onto the ballot with no chance for a veto by the governor…..so we must act decisively NOW.
Let me know, if I may be of any further assistance or encouragement.
Dave Murphy
Conservation Federation of Missouri
As you can see, this is the start of a very important year, and your voice matters.  Click on the following links to find your Representative and Senator, as well as those serving on the committee.We encourage all members to reach out to thier representative and voice thier concerns or comments regarding this legislation. Thank you for your prompt action!

Wallis W Warren

Conservation Director
Gateway Chapter of Trout Unlimited

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