A Conservation Call To Action – ONSR General Management Plan

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We wanted to take a moment to first thank you for your membership in the Gateway Chapter of Trout Unlimited. It is because of your commitment that you understand the fundamental truth about rivers: what happens upstream will eventually flow downstream. Everything is interconnected, so we must work effectively not only on local streams, but also on entire rivers and river systems. However, to succeed at this our organization must rely on our grassroots capacity. It is because of our grassroots approach  that I am reaching out to members and asking for your call to action on these two very important items below.

Ozark National Scenic Riverways General Management Plan

Your comments are needed, as final public comments are due February 7, 2014! Please take a few minutes to review this information and respond if you have not already done so! These are two of the most significant rivers in Missouri and your input
is critical to the future quality and use of these rivers. Please see this link for detailed information regarding the final opportunity for public comment regarding the General Management Plan for the Ozark National Scenic Riverways (ONSR). The final deadline for comment is February 7, 2014, so everyone should comment as individuals and please consider discussing the matter with at least two of your friends and urge them to send in comments as well. Review and comment online by clicking here. You may also mail your comments directly to the park at: Ozark National Scenic Riverways, PO Box 490, Van Buren, MO 63965. For more information please visit Friends of Ozark Riverways website.

If you have any questions specifically about this call to action, please feel free to call or email Gateway TU’s Conservation Director, Wallis W. Warren at 314-422-3455 or wwarren@amfam.com.
GTU is Forming a Stream Team!

If you are interested in participating in GTU’s first Stream Team program, please register for the Introductory Volunteer Monitoring Workshop being held at Babler State Park in Wildwood on March 14 or March 15, 2014, by clicking here.
These classes are free, the only requirement is an interest in protecting and preserving good water quality. The deadline for registration is February 26, 2014. There is a limited number (30) per class and these classes fill quickly, so please make your
reservation. Go here for registration information and additional information about the Stream Team program.

The Introduction to Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring is the entry level of monitoring. This 8-hour workshop includes training for watershed mapping, site selection, stream discharge, and biological monitoring. The primary emphasis is education about watersheds and biological monitoring. Although most of the workshop is conducted in a classroom, a midday field trip to a nearby stream provides a hands-on demonstration of how to conduct a stream discharge and how to collect and identify biological samples. After the completion of this workshop you will qualify to receive the equipment  necessary to conduct the biological monitoring. To register, click here, or call Karen Westin at 573-526-7838.

If you have any questions specifically about GTU’s formation of a stream team and how to get involved, please feel free to call or email Gateway TU’s Conservation Director, Wallis W. Warren at 314-422-3455 or wwarren@amfam.com.

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