Founding Donors

Each year local Trout Unlimited chapters from across the country embark on the challenge of fundraising with one common goal: to protect, reconnect, restore, and sustain cold-water fisheries across the country. As a national organization of local chapters, we have success at a grassroots level because of your local donations.

Our chapter has a monumental task of raising start-up funds to ensure the successful future of our Chapter for many years to come. We have already had numerous exciting events , such as bringing in Arkansas fishing guide Mark Crawford; Kurt Kopola from A Tight Loop online magazine; and Robert Thompson, the fly-fishing filmmaker behind The Brothers Brown and Musky Country Zero to Hero. In addition to the events listed above, the Gateway Chapter of Trout Unlimited is sponsoring a Trout in the Classroom program to bring cold-water conservation into the classrooms. This is the only active Trout in the Classroom program in the state and the first in more than 10 years. We also have set lofty expectations for future conservation projects on our local streams, especially the Meramec, and are working closely with the Missouri Department of Conservation to develop a plan of action for this fishery as well as helping on other fisheries. But none of these actions are free.

 Our organization has a current operating budget of $3,000 per year to ensure that the above events and programs are successful.  Your charitable contribution will help ensure that events such as those listed above, as well as local cold-water conservation projects, are successful year after year.

To help achieve this goal, we have set up the following suggested contribution levels:

  • Founding Individual Donor — $100 and up
    • Recognition on
    • Gateway TU Car Decal indicating Founding Donor status
  • Founding Family Donor — $250 and up
    • Recognition on
    • Gateway TU Car Decal indicating Founding Donor status

Our organization has been a long time coming; what grew from a group of guys meeting at a local restaurant to semi-monthly meetings with more than 70 members in attendance proves that these are exciting times for our organization. Please help ensure the future of the Gateway Chapter of Trout Unlimited by making a contribution today and becoming a Founding Donor.  Furthermore, the Gateway Chapter of Trout Unlimited is a 501(c)(3) organization, and we can provide you with a receipt for your charitable contribution.

Please make checks payable to:
Gateway Chapter of Trout Unlimited
P.O. Box 270657
St. Louis, MO  63127-0657


Gateway TU Founding Donors

  • $100 or More Donors:

    • TJ Branson
    • Brian Carr
    • Dan Forget
    • Kevin Miquelon
    • Patrick Nelms
    • Terry Potter
    • Matt Tucker
    • Wallis Warren


  • $50 Donors

    • Michael Hey
    • John Palmer